Best Guyfriend

Hi there! Long time no update this blog. I'm kinda busy lately. Yeah man mid year term is just around the corner. Can die like this. Okay just kidding. Let's start now.

That one best guyfriend is the best guy i ever met. He's my ex actually. I won't mention his name. If you know the story you'll know who he is. No doubt. He's very nice, handsome (no lie), smart. He just being himself. I know he's not hypocrite. I know him well. I know all his flaws. He also know loads of thing about me.

He's the one who always made my day whenever we meet at school. Nowadays, people keep on asking us "couple ke?" Woi mana ada gila. He's my best guyfriend. That's it.
Thanks for reading . I appreciate it :)