30 ways to make a girl smile.

Oh hi :) This is one of the twitter trends. Im too lazy to tweet from 1 until 30. Hahaha i haven't finish my homework yet. I'll finish it tonight before 12 am. So, im thinking to update my blog.  Lets start.

1. Be there for her no matter what happen.

2. Call her randomly and say that you miss her and you love her so much.

3. Send cute/sweet text message while she's sleeping so that when she wake up she knew that she's on your mind after you wake up.

4. Never give up on her.

5. Hold her cheeks, look into her eyes and say "You're not fat, you're gorgeous, you're perfect for me. I won't ask you to change yourself sweetheart." 

6. Call her and say that you miss her eventhough you already met her 30 seconds ago.

7. Make suprise party for her. She won't ask for it. But deep inside she really hope that you'll do so.

8. Buy her favourite things for her birthday present. (You should read her blog or stalk her tumblr or even better check her tumblr. You'll find out what does she likes.)

9. Fulfill her dreams, respect her feelings, spend time for her so that she will feel appreciated.

10. Make her feel special.

11. Remind her that you will marry her someday.

12. Never leave her alone.

13. Be yourself guys.

14. Never ever ever make her for an option. Note that!

15. Ask her whether she's okay or not when you notices something wrong.

16. Stay by her side whenever you brought her out.

17. Ask her to go out for movie.

18. Exchange your favourite stuff with her.

19. Sing on the phone eventhough your voice isn't good enough.

20. Accompany her shopping.

21. Don't cheat on her.

22. Understands her very well.

23. If she didn't text you back please call her immadiately. There must be something wrong.

24. Accept her imperfections.

25. Text her eventhough you're busy or even nicer call her.

26. Remember all the little things about her.

27. Care about her feelings.

28. Be her one and only.

29. Cuddle her for no reason.

30. Never hurt her.

Its only 30. Act, there's so many ways to make a girl smile. Guys should know how to make a girl smile. Thats it :)

Thanks for reading . I appreciate it :)