Shoo sweet

She’s my everything. She’s done so much and all she does is try to be even better. But honestly she’s the best girlfriend I could ever ask for, the best girlfriend I could ever wish for, the best girlfriend I could ever dream of, the best girlfriend i could ever pray for. I wouldn’t ever ask her to change but she always tries to get better because she is just so amazing. She is just so amazing, so fantastic, so… words can’t begin to describe her. I love her so much. In exactly one month from today (9/3/11) it’ll have been 3 years. 3 years indescribable years. And no matter what has happened, I love her. Tammy Quach, I love you. Happy 35 months.  

P/S : I got this from tumblr. When i read it i feels like wooo so sweet. And i was like she's so lucky cause her boyf loves her so much. I hope that my relationship with him will last longer. Amin :')

Thanks for reading . I appreciate it :)